Service Projects

We are planning to set up various groups who will be participating in a variety of projects, based on the community need and our volunteers’ own talents and expertise. We can also customize a project for volunteers with specialized skills they would like to share. Our target groups are as listed below. Please find an area that interests you and sign up!

Medical clinics—Nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and pharmacists are needed to provide clinical and diagnostic services to communities who have limited access to medical care. Medical volunteers will also focus on preventative health education, clinical home/community assessment & support for specific families. The San Juan hospital and Social Services personnel are also looking forward to working with our professionals to learn and improve practices. We also need bilingual volunteers who are interested in serving as interpreters for the medical team.  

Creative arts—Volunteers will offer an intensive children’s program and adult classes in areas such as music, dance, crafts, visual art, literacy, creative writing, and theater.  The specific design of the educational program will depend on the skills and interests of volunteers who participate in this project. This is an ideal opportunity to release your creative energies!          

Small business consulting—Volunteers with a background in marketing, accounting, design, asset building, or related fields will have the opportunity to work with adults who are eager to learn small business management skills. Our business volunteers will teach local clients strategies to manage their finances and work competitively at selling their goods and services in the local marketplace.

Educational enrichment—Volunteers will offer tutoring and workshops for both children and adults in a wide range of subjects. The children are eager for tutors—especially to assist them with math and reading. Many of the adults in these impoverished communities also want to learn, everything from cooking to sewing skills, basic carpentry, and crafts—you name it, they want to learn it. On previous Service Trips, educational programs included martial arts, cooking classes, yoga and stress management, jewelry-making, origami, and more. These skill-building opportunities enable residents to improve the quality of life for their families. 

Construction and Public works—Volunteers will work alongside our local partner Cambiando Vidas and the community members to build a new house for a deserving family. The house will be built by a joint effort of volunteers and its future resident with donated materials. The entire house and interior finishes will be completed in five days and the family will be ready to move in once we finish. The construction team may also do other projects including upgrades to a local playground for the school and improvements to public spaces in the neighborhood.

Athletics—Sports enthusiasts are encouraged to join our talented alumni, who have included Steve Griggs, the former Yale soccer coach, to participate in soccer, basketball, and baseball projects. The volunteers will be conducting exciting sports camps for children and teens. Baseball is a very popular pastime in the area but we hope to build a base for the growth of soccer and basketball as well.