Program Partners

Global Imprints

The Association of Yale Alumni is pleased to be partnering with Global Imprints to develop the Yale Service Tour to Brazil. Global Imprints is a company whose mission is to connect people to their passion and compassion through short-term international travel. Focusing on themes of social justice, poverty alleviation, sustainability, and economic development, Global Imprints creates enhanced global experiences by introducing participants to social entrepreneurs, local leaders, NGOs, and relevant governmental representatives. Global Imprints currently conducts professional development service programs in Brazil, South Africa, and Mozambique for educational institutions such as the Association of Yale Alumni, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, and Kellogg Business School. For more information about Global Imprints, or call (866) 866-5212.


INSTITUTO TERRA’S mission is to create a just and social planet. They spread awareness and knowledge of biodiversity conservation, agro-forestry and sustainable development by preserving critical forests and restoring degraded areas.  Through an innovative Water and Forest Producers program, they compensate rural landowners for forest restoration and land management efforts that protect freshwater resources that supply the city of Rio. Currently active in 13 municipalities within the state of Rio, INSTITUTO TERRA’S environmental initiatives directly benefits over 80,000 people. For more information, visit (note: you can translate the web pages