Dominican Service Tour

Event Start Date: 
March 9, 2008
Trip Location: 
Dominican Republic

First Ever Yale Service Tour!

The Association of Yale Alumni and Dwight Hall are pleased to sponsor the inaugural Home, Health, and Heart Yale Service Tour, reaching out to communities in the Dominican Republic. This program engages Yale alumni and student volunteers in the western province of San Juan, providing crucial community development and medical care.

The program consists of three major volunteer projects:

Home—the construction of 60 homes in Vallejuelo, working side by side with local residents who are relocating from their current village, which lies in a flood plain

Health—alumni nurses and doctors providing medical care to residents in the remote Cordillera Central Mountains

Heart—offering a creative literacy and arts enrichment program for elementary schoolchildren and adults in the mountain village of La Cucarita

The Service Tour enables Yale volunteers to address critical community needs in this region, while working alongside and connecting with Dominican residents. Participants also learn about Dominican culture through lectures, workshops, and celebrations with the local community.