Is this trip for me?

  • This type of service program works best for participants who are enthusiastic, flexible and able to work well in groups. The volunteer trip producer makes every effort to create a smooth and productive service trip; however, last minute changes and challenges are part and parcel of this experience. Highly adaptable volunteers tend to enjoy our service trips the most. 

When should I arrive?

  • You must arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico on or before Saturday, March 11, 2023. If you choose to arrive earlier than this date, you will be responsible for your own accommodations.

Do I need special skills?

  • Special skills are not required for participation. Project assignments will be based on a combination of factors: volunteer interest, community needs, available space and program logistics.

What language is spoken in San Juan, Puerto Rico?

  • Spanish is primarily spoken in Puerto Rico. However, many residents are bilingual, with varying degrees of English fluency. We plan to have interpreters available in all projects that require one.

Are children allowed on the trip?

  • Families with children 12 and above are welcome and encouraged to attend. We cannot accommodate children under 10 in the program. All youth 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian or adult with proper authorization. All children under 14 must have a parent participating in the same project throughout the duration of the program.

What will the working conditions be like in the community?

  • Many projects will be indoors. Some locations may have A/C, but most will only have a fan. Outdoor projects will have shaded areas whenever possible. Water will be available as well as restroom facilities.

What will the weather be like?

  • San Juan has a tropical climate. Average temperatures in March are low-to-mid-80’s Fahrenheit. Please bring sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, swimsuit, light breathable clothing, umbrella and closed-toe shoes.

What will the hotel be like?

  • We’ll be staying  at the Hyatt Place Bayamon in theSan Juan metro area. Amenities include A/C, swimming pool, WIFI and exercise room. You can see more on their website by clicking here!

What is the deadline for cancellation and cancellation policy?

  • The deadline for registration is December 1, 2022. Please be aware that after December 1, 2022, all program payments (deposits and final payment) are non-refundable! We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance!

Do I need a visa or passport?

  • As a US territory, US citizens do not need a visa or passport. Persons born in Puerto Rico are US citizens. If you have a non US passport, please consult the US State Department website for entry requirements.

What shots or medications do I need?

  • YASC does not provide medical advice so you should consult with your own physician and refer to the CDC website for more information.